Asieno Solitaire Bugs

If any bug has slipped into our release of either Asieno Solitaire or its free version, please report them in comments on this page.

Feature suggestions (like drag& drop1, animations, more backgrounds & card backs) are also welcome, although removing bugs comes first.

1. drag and drop now done

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Asieno Solitaire

Now available on Google Play, a simple solitaire game with a very hard (deal 4) and easy (put any card on an empty pile in the tableau) mode, plus the ability to choose your favourite layout, change the background colour or change the card style.

Speaking of card style, the graphics for them was created by two talented artists who were kind enough to provide them with permissive licenses:

Byron Knoll, a Google engineer, who made the British style deck and released them into the public domain.

David Bellot, a probabilistic AI and statistical machine learning researcher working in the finance industry, who made the French style deck and released it under the LGPL.

I further modified them for use one small phone screens, by rounding the corners enough to be visible and by enlarging the rank on the pip cards of the French deck. The faceless deck was made by changing the rank on the ace of the british deck.

These changes can be found here for the French deck, here for the British one, and here for the faceless deck. As the French Deck is under the LGPL I put it in its own Android library project and linked against it in my main project. The Android library can be found here.

The license for them is the same as the originals, public domain for the modified British deck and LGPL for the modified French deck (either as SVG or as an Android library).

Thank you very much to both Byron and David for providing these sets, which not only saved me creating pips to do a faceless set (although I already had the hear and half the spade via an upside down heart) but also allowed me to provide some much more beautiful art than I was likely to be able to create on my own.

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